Back to the roots… of Vaucouleurs!

Douaire Boissets Park

The Vaucouleurs, a tributary of the Seine with a length of 21,9 km, gives its name to one of the prettiest valleys in the Pays Houdanais. This colorful valley, very popular with golfers, is also ideal for walking. Between rural, wooded spaces and charming villages with well-preserved heritage, there will be something for everyone! So follow the guide for some ideas for walks in the Vaucouleurs Valley. And let us tell you the story of this watercourse by returning to its source… Head to Boissets!

The legend says ...

The source of the Vaucouleurs is hidden behind the Saint-Hilaire church in Boissets at the foot of the oratory dedicated to Saint Odon. Once considered miraculous, pilgrims traveled there to invoke Saint Odon and ask him for rain to return during periods of drought.

A legend also tells of the origin of the pretty name “Vaucouleurs” given to this watercourse. At an unspecified time, a conflict between the lords of Ville l'Evêque and those of Montchauvet gave rise to a battle around the sources of the Vaucouleurs. During that day, the river changed color eight times, reddened by the blood of the combatants.

Walks of choice and choice!

Along the water and through our hiking guides, explore the valley, starting, why not, with Boissets-Civry-la-Forêt and continuing towards the towns also crossed by the Vaucouleurs: Montchauvet, Courgent, Septeuil, Rosay, Villette… You just have to choose!


On the Boissets hiking route, you can admire the magnificent wooded park of more than 6 hectares: the Parc du Douaire. This place is ideal for a picnic break or a nap in the shade of a tree. In this Sensitive Natural Space, you will find more than 180 species of trees, shrubs, flowers and the orangery buildings offer residents or day guests the necessary amenities to organize a party!


Montchauvet is an essential stop in the valley. This ancient fortress nestled on a mountain invites you to discover its natural and heritage riches. It's up to you to navigate between the Ru d'Houville, crossed by a superb Romanesque bridge, and the Vaucouleurs which you can admire from the shelter of a pretty restored wash house.


“I know of a church at the bottom of a hamlet, whose fine bell tower is reflected in the water, in the pure water of a river. And often, tired, when night falls, I come there slowly, far from all the noise. Say a prayer. » Words by Charles Fallot, music Paul Demet 1902.

The author of this song would have found the inspiration to write these lyrics in Courgent. Perhaps you will also find a certain poetry in strolling along the paths of this charming village bordered by the Vaucouleurs... And whose park near the church and the wash house has been set up as a place of relaxation to let your mind escape !


Continue to follow the Vaucouleurs to arrive at Septeuil. This village is known in particular for its Archeological site. There you will find the reproduction of the water sanctuary dating from the Gallo-Roman era built on the resurgence of a source. Then, continue to the charming center of the town which has many amenities.

Rosay and Villette

Then, for those who would like to tackle a few slopes during their walk, the hikes in Rosay and Villette should please you! Still with Vaucouleurs as a common thread, you will find it at the Villette fish farm (old mill), near the wash houses and in the center of these two towns. Indeed, Villette is crossed by the river and has several bridges that did not exist at the beginning of the 19th century.e century. The villagers therefore had the custom of crossing the Vaucouleurs and the Mauru by ford.

Finally in Rosay, you will see raised slabs near the town, used by Roséens and Roséennes to avoid getting their feet wet during periods of flooding in the Vaucouleurs.

As soon as you feel like it, put on your walking shoes for a stroll in the Vaucouleurs Valley. Admire nature transforming throughout the seasons, recharge your batteries through contact with it. And if you like these hikes, we're counting on you to give us news!