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We all know that gastronomy and local produce are one of the French people's favorite subjects! They thus echo our desire to promote local products and know-how... Nothing like the generous and colorful local vegetables or the honey made in the neighboring town!

Here, we don’t mess around with the art of “eating well” either! Supporting evidence with our good deals and good addresses for consuming local in Pays Houdanais.

Live from the Farm!

What's better than going directly to your local producers to fill your basket with good things to taste! In Pays Houdanais, farms open the door of their shop to you for a guaranteed ultra-short circuit, from farm to plate!

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The local markets, of course!

As for flavors, the markets are essential places to discover new products and have good food! What a pleasure to stroll along the stands, to sharpen your senses in contact with seasonal fruits and vegetables. Let yourself be tempted by the stalls selling cheese, fish, meat, flowers, etc. With the list of markets in Pays Houdanais, an appointment is made! All you're missing is your shopping list!

AMAPs, a local solidarity alternative

AMAP or Associations for the Maintenance of Peasant Agriculture guarantee fresh products in your baskets all year round. But they also maintain a direct link with the local farmers! If this option appeals to you, here are the initiatives created in Pays Houdanais.

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To complete this already well-stocked local offering, the region's food shops will delight your taste buds with exceptional products. Let yourself be tempted by quality meat, a farmhouse cheese with character, or taste treasures unearthed in the local delicatessen!

Local products can also be purchased! Some shops, including the Tourist Office shop, offer to make your own baskets, for a gift idea that is both delicious and original.

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The restaurants get in on it too!

Restaurants also play the local card by choosing seasonal products, grown or made nearby. They thus create simple or elaborate dishes, at the forefront of freshness and with good local taste!

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Food trucks
Local products
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