Nature less than an hour from Paris

Houdan fields countryside view

Just an hour from Paris, the Pays Houdanais is a true bubble of nature. A break from the hustle and bustle of the city. We escape from daily stress and breathe purer air. Its 36 rural communes located at the crossroads of the green lung of Yvelines and Beauce d'Eure-et-Loir, form a beautiful escape filled with simplicity and serenity. And this, a few kilometers from major cities.

From Montparnasse to Houdan

Explore another side of Ile-de-France, far from prejudices and preconceived images. Bring a simple transport ticket or a Navigo Pass to be in the countryside in less than an hour. Go down to Houdan or in the small towns of Orgerus, Tacoignières-Richebourg also served by the Line N, before the train terminus… Dreux.

Houdanese nature

For a few hours, a weekend or a discovery stay, let yourself be seduced by this green, calm region, where life is good... Immerse yourself in this patchwork of landscapes alternating plains, valleys, wooded areas and small charming villages… For a real breath of fresh air!

Browse the Vaucouleurs Valley, so popular with golfers for its green setting. Then cross the welcoming Flexanville Valley where over the centuries, women and men have been able, thanks to water, to develop agricultural areas and build castles, churches and monasteries.

Between the Vesgre and the Opton, discover natural spaces where flora and fauna flourish, where locals delight in the calm and beauty of the landscapes... Discover at your own pace what Houdan's nature has to offer to offer.

Abandon the concrete for a piece of countryside, abandon the main roads for small exploration trails. Let yourself be surprised by the curiosities that you will come across at the bend of a country road or a forest path. Greet the cows, sheep, horses and like others before you, recharge your batteries with a good dose of nature. The infallible cure for the blues!

Hiking and gentle circulation

Bring your hiking shoes or your best bike and set off to explore our territory... For a guaranteed green experience!

During your walk, with your feet or wheels in the Houdanais, take the time to observe the flora, listen to the song of the birds, and spot the traces of the wild fauna. But also, to admire the local heritage, to feel a feeling of fullness, while enjoying physical activity. For a healthy mind in a healthy body.

So you can, for example, hike from Orgerus and take the route of the Avre Aqueduct, which from Verneuil-sur-Avre, supplies water to the city of Paris... Or set off to meet the horses of the Tartre-Gaudran. This commune, the smallest of the Yvelines, houses more horses than inhabitants... Or discover the sources of the Sausseron, this small stream which for so long turned the wheels of the Richebourg mills...

The hardest thing will be to choose ! And if you still hesitate, contact the team at the tourist office who will be happy to advise you!

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