Family outings

Malowe nature pond fishing

Looking for ideas for outings with your children or grandchildren? This is where you will find our advice on leisure activities and getaways to explore the Pays Houdanais in a fun and fun way… and make lots of lovely family memories!

Multigenerational leisure outings

In the Houdanais region, outdoor activities are omnipresent: hiking, bike rides, horse riding… You will inevitably find a course at your level, so that all generations can enjoy our little bubble of nature together!

This “outdoor” offer complements perfectly with other outings such as a trip to the educational farm Malowe Nature, a game of fishing in the local ponds or rivers, or even more unusual, a game of Archery Battle (arrow fight) or saber fight in the forest, to face your friends or family in life-size games ( upon reservation for a group of more than 8 people)!

Another activity that can quickly turn into a competition: bowling! Meet at the Lys Bowl in Houdan for a series of bowling games, but what not: billiards, arcade games, table football and darts will add to the general good mood of this group outing!

Finally, an essential place for a little dip or a breaststroke: the Hodellia Aquaforme Center in Houdan. Between play areas, well-being or fitness areas... everyone will find what they are looking for!

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Let’s discover the Houdanese villages while having fun…

Would you like to explore the Houdanese villages and explore them in a fun and informative way? Thanks to our game booklets, explore Houdan, Montchauvet, Orgerus and Septeuil as a family and discover the unusual curiosities and nooks and crannies hidden there!

Accompanied by the official mascot of the Tourist Office, the Pirouette squirrel, follow the steps and complete these treasure hunts combining walks, challenges and local stories.

Once the adventure has been completed or the children are too tired, we will meet you at the Tourist Office or at one of our partner merchants or town halls, to collect a well-deserved reward: one of the four collectible badges bearing the image of Pirouette!

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Child game booklet Houdan
Geocaching stock photo

From the Geocaching adventure to the geolocalized puzzles of EVA

For those who prefer new technologies to good old paper, you will not be left out. Two applications are available in the region to satisfy the adventurous or investigative side that lies dormant in you!

With the Geocaching application, the goal is simple: find small boxes called “caches” hidden throughout the Houdanese territory thanks to geolocation! To unearth the precious keys, be on the lookout, search every corner, turn over every stone, put your deductive skills to the test and above all stay calm, your patience will most certainly be rewarded!

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The “Eva, the weavers of time” application, carried out by the Departmental archives, transports you to a futuristic universe where “time pirates” have fun modifying pieces of history. They falsify documents, erase traces, spread false information to serve their interests. The Time Weavers Agency therefore needs your help to restore the truth about our local heritage! In Houdan and more widely in Yvelines, you will have several steps to complete by going to the different places in “danger”. Once there, the geolocated application triggers the questions and puzzles to solve for you to complete your mission! Will you be able to rise to the occasion?

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Eva and the Weavers of Time poster

Finally, the last reflex to adopt to find new ideas for activities: regularly consult the agenda of outings in Pays Houdanais! Throughout the year, numerous workshops, activities and thematic events are offered to you and allow you to vary the experiences: shows, creative leisure activities, nature outings, escape games, treasure hunts... There is something for everyone. !

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