A day at the Villette fish farm

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A day at the Villette Fish Farm…

At the heart of Vaucouleurs valley, between Houdan and Mantes-la-Jolie, the Pisciculture de Villette is one of the oldest whitewater farms in France. This breeding has been established since 1896 around a water mill dating from the XNUMXth century.e century. It maintains artisanal know-how, held from generation to generation, and shares this heritage with the 45 annual visitors.

This unique and original place opens its doors to young and old alike and offers several outdoor activities. Head to the Pisciculture de Villette for an outing dedicated to conviviality, gluttony and exploration!

A history of more than a century!

Anchored in tradition for more than a century, the artisanal production techniques carried out by hand remain unchanged. Thus, the good taste of the authentic is preserved, as well as the quality of the products and respect for the environment. Here, we raise fish the old-fashioned way, without antibiotics in a calm and green setting. Then, we empty them with scissors and then smoke them over a wood fire.

Then, to find out more, browse the aisles of the site. Along the tour route, you will find explanatory panels on the history of the place and the particularities of the fish it hosts. Walk along the pools, dug by hand in the 19th centurye century, and also open the door of the small ecomuseum. This retraces the history of the mill to discover how it works and see objects from yesteryear.

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An outdoor activity the way we like it

La Pisciculture de Villette also offers the possibility of fishing yourself. Equipped with your equipment, you will find a trout fishing pond with all the necessary comfort. Shelters, picnic tables, benches, toilets, barbecue, pétanque court... Everything you need to have an unforgettable time.

For easy and quick fishing suitable for children, choose pond fishing from 4 years old. The equipment is loaned and once the fishing is finished, the trout are prepared by the teams. All you have to do is taste them! Thus, the loop is closed and the ultra-fresh short circuit is guaranteed!

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The pond can be privatized for groups and a guided tour of the site as well as a tasting can be offered.


The new spaces “La Rivière” and “La Mare Pédagogique”

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