Bucolic and historical walk in Montchauvet

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Discovering the charming village of Montchauvet

Featured in 2017 to represent Île-de-France in the show “The Favorite Village of the French”, Montchauvet is a small village with multiple charms. Between its historical remains, its peaceful streets where it is pleasant to walk and its surrounding nature which evolves harmoniously with the seasons, Montchauvet will seduce you for a day in the heart of the Vaucouleurs Valley.

A village steeped in history

This village seems frozen in time. At the confluence between Ru d'Houville and Vaucouleurs, its history begins in thee century. It was probably the Benedictine monks of Pontlevoy Abbey who built the lower part of the village, before it expanded and was recognized as a real strategic place. Under the leadership of King Louis VI the Fat and Amaury de Montfort, the village was transformed into a fortress. It was surrounded by walls and a keep was built to reinforce the border with the English. Moreover, the Porte de Bretagne, the only vestige of the city's fortifications which had four gates, was exposed to the west to repel any English attack.

Porte de Bretagne MontchauvetCD78NDuprey

Built in the same period, the Sainte-Marie-Madeleine Church does not go unnoticed! In the 1900s, after the separation of church and state, the building became the property of the village which could not maintain it. The church is decaying to the point of having a tree lodged in the bell tower! Then, to make matters worse, lightning struck the tree, making a hole in the church. The army, called to destroy the part which was in danger of collapsing, loaded too heavily with explosives and caused the vault of the nave to collapse. It is currently still in the open air, giving a certain charm to this religious building, don't you think?

As you stroll through the Montecalvétian nature, admire the famous Romanesque bridge painted in particular by Marc Chagall. Contemporary with the new town, it crosses the ru des 3 Fontaines and the ru d'Houville to open the first communication route towards Dammartin-en-Serve.

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Roman Montchauvet Bridge

A walk between nature and heritage

Montchauvet attracts novelists (J. Richepin), painters (M. Chagall) and filmmakers (C. Chabrol) who appreciate its picturesque character. In the footsteps of these artists, walk along the streets lined with half-timbered or stone houses and go down to the washhouse, a vestige of a place long occupied by the local washerwomen. Now, its banks are developed and constitute an ideal spot for a picnic.

If you prefer to have lunch in the comfort of a restaurant, we recommend the Green Mare. Located on the church square, you will enjoy seasonal, quality and high-end French cuisine!

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Montchauvet washhouse

After the meal break, follow the Montchauvet hiking guide to also discover the landscapes surrounding the village. The wooded areas, wet meadows, cereal fields and pastures will complete the postcard of this charming town. Finally, for heritage enthusiasts, take a look at our Wivisites Guide dedicated to the village. This brings you more historical details about Montchauvet!

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Roman Montchauvet Bridge
Restaurant La Jument Verte
Restaurant la Jument VerteX.RenouxCD78
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