Houdan pâté: the taste of local tradition, 100% poultry!

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You will know everything about the local specialty: Houdan pâté!

What would Houdan be without his famous chicken, nor without its famous local specialty: Houdan pâté? A true institution here, we reveal to you all the secrets of this rather special pâté, which is the pride of the Houdanais!

Their mention can evoke in our mind childhood memories, vacation images or simply an irresistible desire to taste it! One thing is certain, for your visit to Houdan to be a successful experience, you must try the reference of our local terroir: Houdan pâté. We promise, we'll tell you everything: its origins, its composition and where to enjoy it!

Once upon a time…

… Victor Tasserie (1855-1929), pastry chef-restaurateur in Houdan. This artisan knew how to take advantage of his geographical location, located in the heart of a poultry basin renowned for the quality of its poultry (Houdanaise and Faverolles), to create a pure poultry pâté. Guaranteed short circuit, this dish quickly became all the rage and was recognized for its finesse by the finest gourmets!

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The recipe for success !

Passed down from generation to generation, the original recipe includes:

  • A shortcrust pastry,
  • From poultry licks,
  • A fine poultry meat stuffing (preferably local!), eggs, cream…
  • A chicken liver mousse,
  • And a mushroom duxelle.

A rich and delicious dish with multiple textures that will make your mouth water! In addition, it is served throughout the seasons both hot and cold, with a Madeira or mushroom sauce as an accompaniment. And good tasting!

We take you through the different stages of the recipe which exceeds our culinary talents, and we place our trust in the expertise of lovers of this local dish: the members of the Gastronomic Brotherhood of Hen and Pâté of Houdan.

Find the recipe approved by them!

A competition pâté

To pay homage to Houdan pâté, perpetuate the know-how and pass on their passion, the Gastronomic Brotherhood of Hen and Pâté of Houdan organizes a Houdan pâté competition every year, open to different categories, ranging from professionals to individuals. A ready-made excuse to take another slice. And yes, you have to taste them all to decide between them!

Gastronomic Brotherhood of Houdan Chicken and Pâté Houdan pâté competitionGastronomic Brotherhood of Hen and Pâté of Houdan

Find this local specialty:

At merchants

Among restaurateurs

The word of hunger

Now that we've explained everything to you, we're counting on you to taste it, if you haven't already done so. Finally, for the most daring, we challenge you to try the recipe to delight and impress your guests! You will give us news!

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