To test: Eva and the weavers of time

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Imagine... It's 2123 and technology has made time travel possible. A feat which constitutes a veritable mine of knowledge and opportunities… That is, if it is used wisely! A group of individuals called "the Time Pirates" have fun changing pieces of history. They falsify documents, erase traces, spread false information to serve their interests. So the Time Weavers Agency needs you to repair the web of time! Will you be able to rise to the occasion?

On the way to a geolocalized adventure around Yvelinois heritage

Once your recruitment as an agent is confirmed, your mission, if you accept it, will be to travel the territory and solve puzzles to help the Agency's scientists counter the actions of the pirates.

Thanks to your investigator's toolbox (in other words: your smartphone), you will have access, via the mobile application launched by the Departmental Archives, to historical resources which will help you validate the tests which will be taken on your passage !

Eva will help you in this quest…

We present to you Eva! This artificial intelligence will be your ally in this adventure. She will guide you and advise you to avoid pitfalls.

During this epic journey, you will also meet different individuals, including many historical figures who you will need to accompany or from whom you will need to gather information to complete all of your missions.

A Houdan, you will have several puzzles to solve... We are therefore counting on you to restore the truth about our local heritage!

  • “Eva, the weavers of time” is a free application produced by the Departmental Archives, the Protection and Transmission of Yvelines Heritage Center and the Yvelines / Hauts-de-Seine Interdepartmental Archaeological Service.
  • Download it without further delay on Android or IOS.
  • Then, create an account using an email address and a pseudonym to access the puzzle map. By clicking on one of the points on the map, you will find the puzzle presentation sheet with information on accessibility, distance to cover, level of difficulty, average solution time, etc.
  • For the puzzle to appear, you must go to the indicated geolocation point. The geolocated points are located both in the city and outside, to introduce you to the history and heritage through monuments, events, people, landscapes, etc.
  • That's it, you know everything, all you have to do is embark on the adventure and we just have to wish you... Good luck!
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