To test: the Geocaching adventure in Pays Houdanais!

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Did you know ? Exploring local heritage can be child's play! What if you played Geocaching to satisfy the adventurous side within you?

Geocaching Box

Sorry… The geo what?

Get past this anglicism and let us define this activity for you in a few words. The goal is simple: find small boxes called “caches” hidden throughout the Houdanese territory using an application that geolocates them!

To find the precious keys, be on the lookout, search every nook and cranny, turn over every stone, put your deductive skills to the test and, above all, stay calm... Your patience will most certainly be rewarded!

One thing is certain, between anecdotes, cultural and heritage riches, you will find along the way, places where it is pleasant to walk, while challenging other players in a race for caches! Who among you will find the most? To start a game, bring your faithful adventure companion, I named your smartphone, and go to the “Geocaching” application. Then, all you have to do is locate the caches located within your area and go there to start the treasure hunt!

Route: along the water.
La Vesgre
Route: attacking Houdan and its secrets!
Houdan dungeon viewCD78NicolasDuprey
Route: meeting famous people.
Rapeseed OrvilliersMargaux Genermont

Finally, to complete your mission and have the feeling of accomplishment, don't forget to bring a pen to sign the "Logbook". These are the pieces of paper located inside the caches. So are you ready? 1, 2, 3 GEOCACH!

Geocaching logbook
Eva and the Weavers of Time
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