Picnic spots in Pays Houdanais

The sun is finally coming out and you are dreaming of an outdoor lunch on the grass? We can fix this! We know the best picnic spots and we share them with you for a friendly and rural moment in perspective!

Where do you picnic in Houdan?

Your day is already planned: visit to Houdan thanks to Tourist Office discovery tour then have a picnic in a nice place before setting off on new adventures! To lay your checkered tablecloth in Houdan we recommend: The Swan Park which offers you a natural spot near the Vesgre river.

(Boulevard de la République.)

Another option, the Ferme Deschamps located in the heart of the city in the rue d'Epernon where the market is held on Friday mornings. Go through the door with the inscription “Ferme Deschamps” and you will find a space combining greenery and cultural space with the Jean Ferrat Media Library right next door.

A stone's throw away, the Houdan playground can also be suitable for families wishing to combine lunch break and recreation for children who can exercise there.

(Rue des Clos de l’Ecu.)

Along the Opton Houdan

Along the Vesgre between Maulette and Houdan

Following the Vesgre you will arrive near an old mill, the 1826, transformed into a restaurant and guest rooms with a small park opposite and a picnic table for a break near the water.

(Rue des Abreuvoirs.)

Under the trees of Parc du Douaire in Boissets

Ideal for a picnic break or a nap in the shade of a tree, the Parc du Douaire is a Sensitive Natural Space. Here more than 180 species of trees, shrubs and flowers coexist… And this, to the delight of local residents and walkers!

(Rue des Mignonnets.)

The Condé-sur-Vesgre pond

A large lawn for picnicking, a city stadium and a pétanque court, this is an ideal spot for meeting up with family or friends. After your gourmet break, follow the paths bordering the pond for a digestive stroll. During this, you will be able to admire the wildlife that resides in the area. Our friends the ducks and migratory birds like the osprey or the great bittern can come for a visit depending on the season.

Meet in Montchauvet

If your walk of the day takes you to Montchauvet, you will admire its remains, its peaceful streets and its surrounding nature. You can also take your lunch break there near the wash house set up as a place to relax.

(Rue de la Fontaine du Manet).

The town's playground also has a picnic table.

(Rue de la Porte de Bretagne)

Montchauvet washhouse

Picnic table spotted in Mulcent

Always useful during a bike ride between the Vaucouleurs Valley and the Flexanville Valley, Mulcent has a picnic table. This is located in a small relaxation area in the middle of the Houdan countryside (Mulcent road). This place is ideal for a break between two pedal strokes or simply for a picnic!

Near the Courgent church

The charming village of Courgent has a park near the church and the wash house which has been set up as a place to relax. All you have to do is cross the pretty red bridge and sit down on the grass. For a bucolic break, a real postcard from a Grimm tale!

Courgent Church

In the green park of Septeuil

Located in the heart of Septeuil, the Septeuil park offers you a large playground with picnic tables. There is also a city stadium to improvise a game of football or basketball. Between wooded areas and large lawns, you will find the ideal spot for lunch in peace.

(Opposite the town hall – rue du parc.)

Picnic at the Villette fish farm

La Villette fish farm invites you to a good fishing trip or simply to visit this place open to all. Picnic tables are available near the entrance. And to complete your basket, the gourmet boutique filled with local products is waiting for you!

Villette pond fish farm

Near the ponds of Malowe Nature

Paid access.

Last address and not least! Malowe nature is an educational farm with farm animals in semi-freedom and ponds where you can fish for trout without a license. You can spend the afternoon there, bring your snack (picnic area with tables) or order from the snack area. Then, enjoy the activities (outdoor games, pony rides, thematic workshops, etc.) for a moment of family fun.

(This list is not exhaustive. New ideas for picnic spots may be added. Your suggestions in this area will be welcome!)

A day at the Villette fish farm
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Villette wash house
An afternoon at Malowe Nature
Malowe Nature picnic table